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Access Details

Compare the two tiers of access on my.appygas

Flows Map

Overview of the European map

Build a personalised commercial flow chart

Access to Gassco flows

Access to views of all market areas & VIP details with comparison of today vs. yesterday

Graph & chart visualisation

Access to historical data

Up to one month

As of June 2018

Route Calculator

Unlimited number of calculations

See auction results (PRISMA, RBP)

Access to transparency files (updates & extra terms)

See detailed calculation for extra terms in each search result

Filter results

Export search results

Max 5 per day


Personalise the order of your widgets

Access to all widgets

Filter data for supply & maintenance widgets

Customise widget data based on "My Portfolio"

Download historical supply data

Availability 2.0

Map visualisation

Event details

Create your own portfolio

Filter the map display

Access to historical data

Graph visualisation

Select routes to visualise events at specific points

Calendar view for future / past events at a specific point

View events at related points

Up to one month

As of January 2020

Download Module

Full access to download flow data (max. 30-day increments)

Up to one month

Release Exclusivity

Early access to new major developments (i.e. a new market area)

Service & Support


Consult with market experts

Technical assistance when you need it

On-demand tutorials & webinars

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