BD/AV – Create my portfolio

DB – Organize my widgets on the screen

AV – Visualize my portfolio only

Flows Map

Overview of the European map

Built my own commercial flow chart function

Access to the Gassco flows

Graphs/chart visualization

Access to all market areas views with comparison of today vs. yesterday

Access to VIP detail with comparison of today vs. yesterday

Access to history

Up to one month


Set order of my widgets on the screen

Access to all widgets

Filter / sort the widgets

Set my portfolio

Route Calculator

Search for routes up to 5 routes a day

Unlimited number of searches

Use the ‘VIA’ functionality

See last Prisma results Charts

See results with total & detailed extra terms

Filter my own results

Export my search results

Availability 2.0

Map visualization

Event details

Create my own portfolio

Filter my map display

Access to history

Graph visualization

Switch modes – All / my own portfolio

Calendar view for future / past events

Related points for event

Up to one month

Release Exclusivity

I get access to “big” new features before basic users (i.e. new market area)

Download Module

Full access to download flow data

Up to one month

Customer Service

Onboarding session

Gas knowledge support

Technical support

Tutorials and webinars

gas market made easy.






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