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About Us

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Let's keep it simple

appygas is an innovation venture that started in 2017 to help gas market experts strengthen their skills in data analysis. As a start-up initiative of GRTgaz Deutschland, we are focused on bringing even more transparency to the European gas market for all stakeholders. The motto "gas market made easy" inspires our goals and informs everything we do.

The appygas Team​


Sharing expertise from the gas transmission and storage sector, the core team of appygas demonstrates a deep understanding of the gas market and expert abilities to process public data efficiently. In this way, our initiative promotes services made for experts, by experts.









Our Story

Company Milestones

November 2016

The idea was born


Start of IT development

Following a successful prototype, we begin to build and optimise our first product, my.appygas..

February 2018


August 2019

Making an impact

After only 18 months on the market, over 15 European companies use our services.

September 2020

The work continues

We are constantly optimising our systems, learning from client feedback, and building a solid future for the energy industry.

Ring of Light Bulbs

Market testing

We pitched our first prototypes on the market

September 2017

Debut at e-world

Official presentation of our first product, my.appygas, in just 4 months. We started building our client base and gaining commercial feedback and acclaim.

Liquid Drop

After two years of close collaboration with our customers, we unveiled a revamped product offering, including enhanced features on my.appygas and the initiation of bespoke digital solutions.

appygas reloaded


Our Mission

Our focus is to bring simplified data services to gas market experts. As industry experts, ourselves, we understand that cleaning and processing data can be frustrating. We take on those pains by working closely with our customers to deliver solutions that help gas traders and shippers do their jobs more efficiently by helping them stay informed on market changes, identify trading opportunities and react more swiftly.


Our Solutions

appygas offers two approaches to solve data pains for market experts.


Our flagship product is a web application that provides all relevant European gas market data. All data is stored in one convenient place, making the gas market easy to navigate and understand. Customers can access the service using a web browser or an API.

In addition to our own platform, we offer cloud-based solutions created on an individual basis. These solutions help integrate our state-of-the-art data visualisation and aggregation approaches with your internal data software and private data.

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