The platform which provides you with all relevant European gas market data.

Appygas is an information service provided by GRTgaz Deutschland regarding European gas market data. The appygas solution is a non-regulated customer service.

Our Team

Our core team benefits from a long-term TSO expertise enriched by some trading experience. Gas transport is our business and we always keep challenging ourselves.

Our Solution

Appygas is a portal that provides its users with all relevant European gas market data such as gas flows, hub and transport prices, or maintenance schedules, in one convenient place, making the gas market easy to understand. Customers can access the service using a web browser or an API. Our tool helps gas traders and shippers do their job more efficiently by helping them identify trading opportunities and enabling them to react more swiftly.

Our mission: a continuously improving service

Launched on Feb 6 2018 appygas covers in its current version following market areas: NBP, PEG, PVB, NBP, BeLux, NCG, Gaspool, Czech, PSV and TTF (with more market areas to be covered in the near future). In addition to pipe information, users are provided with similar data for storages and LNG terminals. The solution features thoroughly collected and smart visualized data (i.e. commercial flows, usage rate and network imbalance) in near real-time as well as a route calculator and a maintenance overview. 

Our Partner

Tender365 and appygas cooperate to simplify the life of buyers and traders

Online OTC trading for power and gas - as easy as classifieds


Tender365 is a digital meeting place for public services, power and gas producers, traders, industrial enterprises and TSOs. The platform makes purchase, trading and wholesale of standard and structured gas and power products easy and secure. It enables participants to gain new suppliers and customers, engage with existing customers and bring new energy products, for example flexible power and gas products, to the market. API and xls interface allow a seamless integration of your IT solutions.


Users of appygas get a great benefit: We double the free testing period of Tender365! Please don’t hesitate to contact us!




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