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Customer Solutions

Our tailor-made digital solutions backed by a team of experts will take your business to the next level

Product Design

Innovative Concepts

Solution Design

Tailor-made for users

Prototyping & testing


Our trusted IT partner promises a skilled development team scalable to your teams

Agile Project Management


Lean Startup

Agile Organisation

Efficiency is in our DNA

Expert Support

High-quality support adaptive to market developments

Building a reliable data pipeline to meet the needs of market experts

You can rely on appygas data: over 50 sources available with near real-time updates . Clean data processing protocol for transport, storage, and LNG data applies to all available public data and your internal data pipelines.

Discover what smart visualisation can do for your data

Our team combines innovative user-centric design methodologies with gas market knowledge to create unique and smart visualisations.









Scalable and skilled IT development team

Our team of gas market experts work hand in hand with trusted IT experts to deliver high-quality digital solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Benefit from the appygas innovation success story

We build, refine and iterate products quickly and based on user feedback .We are lean and agile in our methods, meaning we get more done faster.

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