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As an agile innovation venture, we know that there is always room to improve. After 3 years by your side, we have learned a lot. We are eager to apply those learnings and share them with you now.

appygas Reloaded is the campaign that brings these changes to your dashboard—and your life. Our services have gotten even better, and will continue to develop based on your needs.

With our new services, you can expect:

New pricing

Customised modules

Availability 2.0

Incentives and rewards

Tailor-made smart data applications



Here's what you need to know

When will the switch happen?​

The introduction of the new model on my.appygas will take place on October 15th. Ideally, we will have already sorted all contract details with your company and you will immediately benefit. In case your company has not yet approved or declined the new model, and if you are a Premium user, you will retain privileges until your contract is either upgraded or terminated.  If you are a Free user, your account will be closed.

How is the new model more cost-efficient?​

Everyone in your team/company gets a fully functional access (‘Classic’) at a very competitive price. You can then perform short-term upgrades to access more advanced functionalities (‘Exclusive’) only when you need it. It makes it attractive for all kinds and frequencies of usage! ​

Is it mandatory to convert to the new model?​

All of our clients deserve to benefit from the new features of my.appygas. For this reason, your contract—and Premium or Free access—is only valid until the end of your current subscription period, if your company chooses not to switch immediately. After that point, if no new subscription has been made, your account will be closed. ​

How will I be informed about the access changes ?​

Whether you are currently a Premium or Free user in a company client of appygas, our Sales team will inform you about the progress of the changes and notify you of your new status as soon as the new subscription has been finalized by your company. As always, our customer service will then assist you with onboarding.​

Will there still be a Free access option in the new model?

No. You may explore my.appygas Classic and Exclusive in a one-time trial. After that, you can only use my.appygas if your company has subscribed with us and set you on the list of authorized users. In this case, you can benefit from the flat-rate Classic access and the digital wallet to upgrade to Exclusive.​

What about users who need permanent Exclusive access?​

You are in good hands! If, upon the end of the subscription period, you have used Exclusive access for 12 months, you will be granted a 10% reward discount on your own yearly spending of 'appies'. This means you will pay for 324 instead of 360 appies. 

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