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Moran Gelber

Senior Product Manager & Design

I manage the roadmaps of appygas' various products and projects. My background in management and UX design allows me to develop strategies, using a user-centric approach to lead the development from concept to an end product

Fun fact: I am a certified sake sommelier and love to cook all types of food. A bonus for my colleagues!


Kaitlynn Buchbaum

Marketing Manager & Sales Support

I manage all marketing campaigns and communication strategies. My background in community management and special events ensures that our customer's needs are always top of mind.

Fun fact: When I'm not developing marketing plans, I spend my free time knitting and making collages.


Caroline Aumeran

Head of appygas

My focus is empathic leadership and developing strategies to ensure our organisation is always moving in a customer-centered direction.

Fun fact: In my free time, I teach yoga and lead workshops in Emotional Intelligence and mindfulness at business schools throughout Germany.


Felix Lecuyer

Senior Product Manager & Data Architect

I manage the roadmaps of appygas's various products and projects. My experience in the gas industry and my background in data architecture, IT, and consulting guide my work with complex gas systems to implement relevant and reliable products for our customers.

Fun fact: I like to stay active, and enjoy visiting the Alpine summits for cross-country skiing in the winter and alpining in the summer.


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