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The Future of Market Innovation: A Success Story

'A dream will not become an innovation if there is no realization.'

- Ciputra

The foundation of any innovative project begins with a single idea. But to transform the idea into a business is the real challenge, especially if you are part of a large company. Founding an intrapreneurial startup is a solution, and appygas is the product of one such venture. After 3 years, the journey continues and appygas acts as an idea and innovation generator, not just for the company, but for the entire European gas market.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

According to GEM Consortium, about 10 startups account for each second of a year. If you think of a startup as an answer to a question, there are a lot of questions in our world just waiting to be answered. And as Steve Jobs suggested, you have to know which questions to say ‘yes’ to. Appygas emerged from one such question: can we simplify the gas market? This question was one we could support.

Our Secret

In the gas industry, finding the right solution was essential to sustaining our venture’s health. Knowing that 77% of data initiatives fail to gain business adoption, and that intrapreneurial initiatives have even higher chances of failure, we knew that having a good idea was not enough. It was not only important, but vital, to shape a team and culture that would stimulate the venture’s continued success. Strong leadership, communication, and collaboration ensure a secure future.

As determined as we are creative, we coupled our aspirations with rapid execution and iteration. When you are involved in a market that depends on:

  • Reliable accuracy,

  • Simplicity of interpretation, and

  • Speed of access,

the solution must be able to adjust to any calibrations as we grow. Agility in this sense materialized as a visualization of market data.

Smart visualization is the clearest in-roads to resolving unclear and inaccurate data collection. What’s more is that this conspicuous solution-finding strategy can be applied to any business venture, yielding a sustainable future of dynamic enterprises.

A Data Dynamo

At times, working in the gas market can feel like banging your head against the wall. Collecting data from over 250 sources, interpreting that data, and staying informed on vital market information that changes from second to second is a challenge for even the cleverest market experts. When you’re dealing with buckets of content, it can feel like you’re only treading water.

Our team created my.appygas, a web application that tackles these frictions head-on: no more headaches, no more ill-informed decisions, no more treading water. With appygas, which offers smart visualizations to consolidate and simplify gas market data, market experts can finally come up for air.

We're Just Getting Started

We know that problem-solving never stops at the first solution. Solving a problem is much like peeling an onion: you begin with a single sphere and, with the removal of each layer, there is even more to discover. With data, too, the more we continue to learn about it, the more work we realize there is to be done.

To tackle these complex and sensitive challenges, customer engagement and comprehensive resources informed by this close client relationship drive our business strategy.

Our current and future client projects involve these top competencies:

  • Holistic customer support from market and network experts

  • Bespoke data solutions supplemented by intuitive designs

  • Professional development trainings in agility and innovation

Our focus lies not only on our external-facing strategy. Rather, we promote internal growth as an intrinsic part of our organizational philosophy as well. Among other actions, switching to dark mode to minimize our carbon output and strategizing how our expertise can benefit more industries beyond the gas industry will help propel us to the next level.

The Bottom Line

Today, appygas focuses on scaling its agile operations. As an intrapreneurial venture founded by gas transport experts, we continue to exceed what we previously believed was possible in terms of our capacity to learn and discover. Our expansion manifests in marked growth, from an industry-specific web platform to an expert and trusted partner in big data and digitization. In making things simple for our clients, we find new ways to help all types of businesses grow.

Data is only the first stop on our journey to smarter solutions for industry leaders.

Above all, we are committed to pushing the limits of convention and tradition with creativity and problem-solving. As we continue to grow, we aim to keep things simple while delivering cutting-edge market intelligence every time.

At the core of innovation is a commitment to dynamism: we are always looking forward. This was just the beginning of our workshop series, where we take a closer look at data, agility, and intrapreneurship. Follow us to be the first to know when these articles go live.

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