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We made your dream come true

We turned your dream into reality and made the Route Calculator smarter: check out the routes and the available capacities along the way.

From now on, it is possible to see the details of the extra terms calculation and the available capacities for each operator.

From A to D

Select a route between 2 market areas with maximum 2 stops throughout Europe.

Set your search criteria

Depending on your needs, you can select the transport period, the auction product, the quality and the availability of the routes.

Get the tariffs and the available capacities of each route

Verify the calculation details, including the price of each extra term. And check instantaneously the available capacities as communicated by the operators and offered in past Prisma auctions.

Check out our 2 minutes video to discover the new features

Can't access our Route Calculator because you are not an appygas premium user yet? Please contact us.

Your appygas team

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