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Gain full visibility over European gas markets with appygas, for smarter, faster decision-making. The solution simplifies your job by streamlining data sources and giving you a clear reading of all relevant gas data.

The European gas market analysis platform

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With appygas, you get


Up-to-date European gas market data

Flow info, hub and transportation prices, maintenance schedules and other valuable information included.


Smart visualization

All fundamentals are presented as graphs allowing you to observe trends easily. Intuitive dashboards providing daily updates on key indicators.


Faster strategic decision-making

Smarter trading with daily capacity updates from European TSOs and statistics on past auction results.


Route in the money and top PRISMA deals

Traders can identify opportunities and get deals over the line faster and more efficiently.


Ability to plan and calculate gas transportation costs

You can rely on aggregated data analysis from over 60 sources and up-to-date TSO tariffs.


Enhanced support and operational efficiency

To stop issues in their tracks before they can impact business.

Who benefits from appygas?

Traders and portfolio managers

With data on flows, congestions, fees and bookings consolidated in intuitive and customisable dashboards, you can stay up to date and optimise your efficiency with minimal effort.

Gas infrastructure managers

appygas’ comprehensive European gas market overview helps you understand regional impacts and monitor market trends so that you can make smarter, quicker decisions.

Business analysts

With gas data presented clearly in one place, you can gain a holistic view and provide more accurate gas market forecasting.


Uninterrupted supplies are more critical than ever, and appygas makes it easier for you to monitor and anticipate congestion by keeping you informed of all maintenance events.

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apygass features:
Five modules, multiple possibilities

By integrating data from more than 50 independent sources across European markets, appygas can help you monitor, maintain, trade and supply gas with maximum efficiency.

appygas includes a suite of in-built tools that automatically handle complex calculations and formula aggregations to produce actionable outputs, including:

Get up-to-date gas flow data at a glance


13 markets covered, including Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, UK, Luxembourg Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine


(V)IP, storage, LNG, production and consumption points


Anytime visibility of latest gas flow and usage data


Plan your booking based on future maintenance works


Effortlessly navigate gas market data

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